Siemens AG Motor Repair and Rebuild

Siemens AG Motor Repair

USA MOTOR REPAIR offers complete Siemens AG industrial motor repair services. We service Siemens AG motors from several industries. Our Technicians have over 60 years of combined experience in Siemens AG Motor Repair, Rebuilding, and reconditioning.

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Siemens AG Inspection and Dynamic Motor Testing

After receiving your Siemens AG Industrial Motor it will be torn down, cleaned and put through intensive dynamic testing to determine the faults. This information is then sent over along with a quote and an estimate on the time it will take to refurbish the Siemens AG Industrial Motor. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced. All Siemens AG motors are rebuilt with new hardware, seals and gaskets. Our process ensures each part is installed correctly and each Siemens AG motor is fully sealed.

Free Siemens AG Freight Nationwide

After final tests of each Industrial Siemens AG motor is reviewed and recoated with an industrial powder coating to protect the Industrial Siemens AG motor from the harsh environment located in the production areas. Connectors receive protective covers and each motor is packaged carefully in our custom packaging system to protect your motor in shipping.

Siemens AG 24/7 Emergency Rush Repair

We understand that down time can be costly. However, if lead times aren't suitable for your production needs we always recommend repair and remanufacturing of industrial Siemens AG equipment. Should you need to cut down down-time significantly we are always stocked with critical spare parts (bearings, seals, shims, gaskets, brushes, rotors, magnets, and more!) in order to complete an emergency rush repair when needed to allow you to get back up to full production.

Siemens Motors For Industrial Use

The Siemens AG company is a German International Conglomerate headquartered in Munich Germany and holds the title of largest manufacturing company in Europe. Though Siemens manufactures for various divisions, its primarily invested in Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructure. The company was founded in 1847 as Siemens and Halske by Werner Von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske. The company was founded based on the telegraph which they had invented which used a needle to point to the sequence if letters as opposed to using morse code. Siemens has continued to develop innovation of the electronic industrialization over the century from working on building airplanes in world war 1, Through Electric Lamps and power generation even pushring hydro power stations in Ireland. Siemens has continued to produce various motors, gears, transformers and overall power generation systems as well as solar and and natural gas power generation plants.

Siemens Motor Repair

Is your Siemens motor in need of repair? Give us a call today at (909)246-3610 to get in contact with a Motor Repair Coordinator who can get you started on the road to fixing your Siemens Motor. OEMs often have months long lede times which they try to push you replace your equipment with brand new. USA Motor Repair can save you up to 60 percent compared to buying a brand new motor. USAMotorRepair offers Free Freight and Free quotes nationwide. We also offer a 24 month warranty on all rebuilds and repairs of Industrial Motors over 50 Hp. USA Motor Repair is an industrial motor repair center focusing on the repair and remanufacturing of AC DC motors over 75 hp.

When we get your motor in we immediately disassemble and clean the internals of the motor before performing a KE Test. We then proceed to cut and burn as well as perform any coil stripping before recording data and testing the motor on our dynamic testing enclosure. The motor is then sandblasted and thoroughly cleaned and all laminations inside the installation of cleaned, repaired or replaced. All USA Motor Repair technicians are certified AC DC Motor Repair Pros!

Our Repair Technicians also make extra efforts to ensure all proper precautions and care are taking when making new coils and winding and lacing, Ensuring the motors are dipped and baked before performing the research test on the dynamic testing system. Once this is complete we then balance the rotor, Reassemble the motor and paint the motor with a polymer designed to help regulate the internal temperature of the motor. Once your motor is rebuilt and tested on the dynamic bench it is then certified with our 24 month repair warranty. If you are in need of Siemens Motor Repair call us now at (909)247-3610 to speak with a motor repair coordinator. If you have any questions regarding our 24 to 48 hour expedited Rush Repair Service, Email me directly at Info@USAMotorRepairs.Com