ARC Systems Motor Repair and Rebuild

ARC Systems Motor Repair

USA MOTOR REPAIR offers complete ARC Systems industrial motor repair services. We service ARC Systems motors from several industries. Our Technicians have over 60 years of combined experience in ARC Systems Motor Repair, Rebuilding, and reconditioning.

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ARC Systems Inspection and Dynamic Motor Testing

After receiving your ARC Systems Industrial Motor it will be torn down, cleaned and put through intensive dynamic testing to determine the faults. This information is then sent over along with a quote and an estimate on the time it will take to refurbish the ARC Systems Industrial Motor. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced. All ARC Systems motors are rebuilt with new hardware, seals and gaskets. Our process ensures each part is installed correctly and each ARC Systems motor is fully sealed.

Free ARC Systems Freight Nationwide

After final tests of each Industrial ARC Systems motor is reviewed and recoated with an industrial powder coating to protect the Industrial ARC Systems motor from the harsh environment located in the production areas. Connectors receive protective covers and each motor is packaged carefully in our custom packaging system to protect your motor in shipping.

Arc Systems INC Motion Controlled Solutions

The Arc Systems Inc company was founded in 1967 providing motion controlled solutions for the aerospace industry providing high precision motors and A.C. Components. ARC Systems INC is a fully integrated self sufficient facility which is thoroughly staffed and equipped for all of its manufacturing needs to produce machine components, stampings, powder coatings, electromechanical and electronic assemblies.

ARC Systems INC Produces mechanical control equipment and motors for power plant instrumentations, telecommunications, geological instrumentation, food and beverage industry, aircraft instrumentation, marine equipment and the paper industry. With the largest catalog and the ability to customize motion control systems to any customers need ARC Systems inc produces top tier Scanning Motors, Drag Cup Motors, Internally Damped Servo Motors, Integrators, AC Tachometers, Gyro Motors, Magnetic Coil Testers And Various Types of Tachometer Parts.

ARC System Motor Repair

All Motion Controlling Devices from ARC Systems are designed with the highest quality parts manufactured with durability in mind. That said nothing in this world is above repair and will always require maintenance at some point no matter the quality of build. When that time comes you can deal with the long leed times of traditional OEM Repairs or you can give USA Motor Repair a call at (909)247-3610.

USA Motor Repair is a comprehensive industrial motor repair facility specializing in AC DC Motors 50 HP and up. We offer free freight and free quotes nationwide as well as a 24 month warranty on all repairs and rebuilds. We also offer an Expedited Repair service for Industrial Motor Repair needed in 24 hours or less.

Once we get your ARC System Motor in we tear it down to clean out the components before we connect it to our advanced testing diagnostic center which runs a series of tests to allow us to find the fault and begin our repair process. We rebuild all ARC System motors back to OEM Specifications and test them thoroughly to ensure their Like New Status is achieved exceeding customer standard and expectation. Our Team consists of high trained technicians and mechanics who are certified and experienced with motion control technology and the ability to manufacture replacement parts to spec.

Once your motor is rewound, rebuilt and retimed it is reconnected back to the diagnostic testing system to run a light load tests to ensure it is ready. Once passing its tests the motor is certified with our 24 month warranty and is prepared for shipment. If your ARC System Motor is in need of repair give us a call at (909)247-3610 Or Request a Quote . If you have any questions regarding out Expedited Repair Service email me directly at Info@USAMotorRepair.Com

ARC Systems 24/7 Emergency Rush Repair

We understand that down time can be costly. However, if lead times aren't suitable for your production needs we always recommend repair and remanufacturing of industrial ARC Systems equipment. Should you need to cut down down-time significantly we are always stocked with critical spare parts (bearings, seals, shims, gaskets, brushes, rotors, magnets, and more!) in order to complete an emergency rush repair when needed to allow you to get back up to full production.