Ametek Motor Repair and Rebuild

Ametek Motor Repair

USA MOTOR REPAIR offers complete Ametek industrial motor repair services. We service Ametek motors from several industries. Our Technicians have over 60 years of combined experience in Ametek Motor Repair, Rebuilding, and reconditioning.

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Ametek Inspection and Dynamic Motor Testing

After receiving your Ametek Industrial Motor it will be torn down, cleaned and put through intensive dynamic testing to determine the faults. This information is then sent over along with a quote and an estimate on the time it will take to refurbish the Ametek Industrial Motor. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced. All Ametek motors are rebuilt with new hardware, seals and gaskets. Our process ensures each part is installed correctly and each Ametek motor is fully sealed.

Free Ametek Freight Nationwide

After final tests of each Industrial Ametek motor is reviewed and recoated with an industrial powder coating to protect the Industrial Ametek motor from the harsh environment located in the production areas. Connectors receive protective covers and each motor is packaged carefully in our custom packaging system to protect your motor in shipping.

AMETEK Electric Motors American Machine and Metals

Ametek manufactures electronic instruments and electromechanical devices for an international market in high demand from its headquarters in the United States and from its 220 Different manufacturing sites worldwide. The company was founded in the 1930’s as American Machine and Metals and was changed to AMETEK in the 60’s after the company had expanded its production to providing industrial solutions for transmission and analytical instruments.

AMETEK operates 2 divisions primarily, The Electronic Instruments Group and the

Electromechanical Group, Between these two divisions the company comprises of 100 different brands for analytical implementation and monitoring, testing, calibration devices as well as electrical motors, pumps and interconnects. Ametek Motors are utilized for a variety of services across all industry and are done so due to AMETEK having the highest rated linear positioning sensors and motors for any application from Drive and Airmoving Motors for Blowers, Pumps, Fans, Appliances, Business Machines, Exercise Equipment, Aerospace and Industrial as well as manufacturing, Solar and Medical Applications.

Ametek produces motors from the companies underneath it. Producing Motion Motors, Linear Motors and Actuating Motors the Brands Dunkermotoren produces dc brush and brushless servo motors, controllers and gearboxes for AMETEK as Haydon Kerk Pittman produces Lead Screws And Linear Actuators.

Ametek Motor Repair

Is your Ametek Motor down and in need of repair? If so give us a call cover at (909)247-3610 and we can get you back up as soon as possible. Here at USA Motor Repair we understand the important role that motors play in any form of production whether it be industrial, mechanical or medical, We know whether your a large or a small production that you need everything running at 100 percent constantly so we pride ourselves in being the type of company that puts YOU first.

USA Motor Repair offers free freight and free quotes nationwide as well as a a24 month warranty for all repairs and rewinding on all types of AC DC Motors 75 HP and Up! We also offer an expedited repair service for those times when you need to get back up and running ASAP. When it comes to Industrial Motor Repair USAMotorRepair has got your back! We employ highly skilled and certified technicians with engineering backgrounds with extensive knowledge of analytical systems, motor rewinding, and precision manufacturing. Our guys are pros at motor repair.

We Offer Free Freight and Free Quotes Nationwide so we can pick up your AC or DC motor for free take it back to our facility and tear it down, clean it out and connect it to our intensive dynamic testing system to determine the faults. We rebuild the motor back to AMETEK’s Specifications and then run a series of diagnostic tests and perform light loads to ensure the motor is operating at 100 percent or like new. Once passing all diagnostic tests it is then certified with our 24 Month Warranty. If you are in need of Ametek Motor Repair call us now at (909)247-3610 or submit a quote request . If you have any questions regarding our Industrial Motor Repair or Expedited Repair Service email me directly at Info@USAMotorRepair.Com

Ametek 24/7 Emergency Rush Repair

We understand that down time can be costly. However, if lead times aren't suitable for your production needs we always recommend repair and remanufacturing of industrial Ametek equipment. Should you need to cut down down-time significantly we are always stocked with critical spare parts (bearings, seals, shims, gaskets, brushes, rotors, magnets, and more!) in order to complete an emergency rush repair when needed to allow you to get back up to full production.